The owner Ethan Merritt started First Victory Films LLC in 2017 shortly after a tour overseas with the US Army Infantry. As this small media production team developed strategies for content creation and continued to produce videos for clients, Ethan decided to dive into his passion of designing on the side. Coming from a graphic design background in school, he started developing a love for apparel and clothing, and saw the potential to push this new business into a brand that can be recognized today. 


In 2018 after graduation with his MBA, Ethan moved the apparel brand into a separate lifestyle clothing line that you see today. The owner has seen many parts of the world traveling for both work and for fun, but still finds himself not embracing the beauty of nature to its fullest. First Victory Apparel was born to promote health and adventure, encourage people to travel the world, and opt into creating an outdoor lifestyle in our technology driven environment.


Our mission is for the everyday person to get away from the day to day routine. Spending a small amount of time to visit a new place, explore a new local hiking trail, or make a trip around the world, we want to create a culture built on those experiences. Our goal is to  develop apparel to be comfortable for your adventures with simple designs that represent these beliefs. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope you enjoy our products, be sure to let us know on social media!

#startyourjourney today!


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