Who needs colors anyways?

If you are reading this article you might have a similar question I once had. What colors really work together with apparel and WHY. Today we look into the men's fashion gold standard, how to ‘pop’ color in an outfit, and why First Victory Apparel is obsessed with BLACK.

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Matching Clothes: The Basic Idea

There are 4 things to keep in mind when matching an outfit:

  1. Menswear Neutrals: These are the KEY to outfits that ALWAYS come together perfectly. These colors are black, grey, olive, light blue, khaki (or tan), brown, navy, and white. This is the gold standard of colors for men's outfits. When you mix each color together, they always go well. Some more than others, however, you can never go wrong when you remember these colors.
  2. Contrast is KING: Light top and a dark bottom is a very simple example to show contrast. Take this example one step further by matching dark shoes and a dark top with let's say light khaki bottoms. The top and bottom colors do not need to match, but they both need to be dark enough to give that even contrast with an outfit.
  3. Chill out with the Tones: Having a “tonal outfit” really just means you have colors that are close in value against each other. This creates the opposite of contrast and this style can only be pulled off with a little experimenting. Overall you look like this guy when you try it so fair warning!
  4. Avoid Skin Tones: Avoid tops that are close to skin tone in color. All this does it make you look pale or maybe an off-color from your normal skin tone. This AGAIN works heavily in the contrast department, which is why it is KING to create a little contrast with any outfit. 

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Okay outside of the men's neutrals, men's fashion today is filled with the common unmatching outfits. These outfits are great because guess what? You can break ALL of the rules. Keep in mind, sometimes these outfits still flop. And when you find yourself wearing a Hawaiian shirt with crocs and a fedora to a wedding, don't come crying to me saying “but you said unmatching is the way to go” when you ruin the part...visually. I am not saying to always go unmatching. 

Popping a wild color in an outfit is pretty simple: add ONE pop of color outside of the menswear neutrals to a balanced outfit. Not many colors… just one. 

a girl wearing yoga pants

This one color is the standout of your outfit. It draws attention in the right way but keeps you looking put together with the rest of the outfit is based on neutral colors. Despite what my girlfriend things, I often toss in a light Hawaiian shirt that is brightly colored with black pants and even black vans together. I know… it is bold… but the outfit comes together for the right occasion.

A better example that gives me slightly more credibility is my use of camouflage to an outfit. I often use camo with very plain outfits to provide a little flair to something simple and casual. Using our Camo Dad Hat is an easy way to do this with a white shirt and dark jeans. If I REALLY want to bring, in contrast, I rock Black Jeans, one of our FVA Black Shirts, and Camo Vans with the hat for a full outfit. Which brings me to why First Victory Apparel loves the color black!

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What does FVA accomplish

All in all, I pick colors that most often match with the menswear neutrals. I am a big fan of the color black with our apparel to add a dynamic range of outfits to pair with our brand designs for both women and men. Looking at our women's crop top shirts, you can pair those with leggings from another brand or even our own. Another way FVA adds value to your outfit is our trendy fanny pack bags which contrast greatly with simple shorts and a t-shirt during the summer, or even jeans and one of our new FV sweaters in the winter. Not into accessories? We have Dad hats in a variety of colors and even FV snapback and beanies for seasonal occasions! Check out or outerwear designs and see for yourself.

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