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The term 'Do Something Great' can be seen with a variety of perspectives. For me, the owner of First Victory Apparel, it became the driving force that changed my entire journey. Before we continue, let me welcome you to the 'Do Something Great' blog, a place to inspire the creation of a lifestyle you can be proud of!

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A wise man once told me "tell the world what you are afraid of, because it will show you what you are made of" and this stuck with me ever since. The quote only holds value in the context of the backstory. Everyone walking the planet from the time man appeared on this earth, up to every single person alive this very second, has some level of fear deep inside of them. Whether it is a fear of public speaking, a fear of horses, a fear of death, or even a fear of failure... each person cannot escape this idea. Everyone will live in fear at some point in their lifetime. So what does fear have to do with this brand?

I started First Victory Apparel in a time of fear when hope seemed beyond my reach. After having a close scare from a vehicle accident, moving from my house to an apartment, and leaving a long term relationship... fear struck me to the core. The unknown of my situation was fear that dug me into a hole that was leading me down a tough path. My own lifestyle had changed course to the point that I knew the only person that could keep control was myself. And from there, First Victory Apparel begun.

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I focused my many changes I had to a passion that was always in me. For years I spent the time saying "yeah I will start a clothing line soon, I just need the (full in the BS excuse) before I can put everything together" with ZERO real intention of starting. I had the mentality that timing/money/resources/friends/family you name it was a reason I could slack and just magic an apparel brand. But this all changed last summer.

I took the worst time in my life and dug deep within to put energy into a passion project I longed to start. In a time without light at the end of the tunnel, I said f**k it, and devoted myself to a lifestyle that I can be proud of. When I look at the place I was in last year, starting FVA was the reason I am even here today. Going back to my roots of designing, art, and the West Coast... FVA was my way to give back to the world and inspire others to do the same.

If you are new to First Victory Apparel and found this blog, it is a glimpse of the passion I have for our designs. Not only do I want to grow our tribe of new people in this process, but am forever grateful for all of you who helped me get FVA off the ground and running. Stick around for what we have in store by signing up for our email list for special offers, and enjoy some of the awesome content for each season! Do something GREAT!

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