80s Style Athleisure is Back in Style!

Athleisure has become the best way to travel, workout, go to the grocery store, or binge Netflix all day. You can do anything if you’re in spandex

 a couple with workout clothing on

We all know athleisure would be nothing without the fitness trends of the 80s. Even though the 80s had some major fashion don’ts, the greatest trends are back today. You like leggings? Thank Nancy for watching all of Jane Fonda’s aerobics tapes. 


These are the top 7 items 2019 straight up stole from the 80s fashion trends. 


1. Leggings. The leggings trend is nothing new, but it continues to be a major staple whether you’re going to the gym or going out. They are now simply pants. Madonna wore them on stage all the time and absolutely killed it. Have you seen our leggings? If not, CLICK HERE!

 a girl with leggings on at the beach

2. BIKE SHORTS. Similar to leggings but so much better for summer. Princess Diana rocked this trend in the 80s with oversized sweatshirts all the time. Bike shorts and comfortable but also functional. We do not carry any yet (shhh... coming soon) but here are some awesome and cheap ones from Amazon.


3. White sneakers. We might not all be digging around for New Balances, but Converse and Keds are great for athleisure.  Nike Air Force One’s became a shoe icon in the 80s as well. That’s a shoe that always looks good with leggings. Another amazing trend that’s made traveling so much more comfortable. 

 a girl with leggings on

4. Neon. Venture out of your comfort zone and wear some turquoise leggings to the gym. If you watch the workout video, Buns of Steel, every girl has colorful pants. They make your butt look amazing, and girls in 2019 are taking notice.


5. Belt Bags (AKA Fanny Pacs) You know it’s a trend when Sarah Jessica Parker wears a Chanel belt bag on the red carpet. It’s convenient and cute. Now that you can wear leggings all day every day, you need the bag for your phone, passport, gum, money, etc. Have you seen our fanny packs? Here is the Camo Fanny Pack  AND now the Urban Camo Fanny Pack!

 fanny pack

6. Crop Tops.  In the 80s, everyone wore crop tops. Most notably, Carl Weathers in Rocky III. Thank god high waisted jeans/leggings are back, too.  They make the cutest pair. We have crop tops in both shirts and hoodies for girls. They are awesome and comfortable as hell (again, enjoy the link here!)


7. Animal Print. Nothing says bold like leopard print. Animal prints are back.

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