20 Gifts for Him

Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life isn't easy. Before settling for yet another boring gift (read: ties), take some time to really think about what the guy you're shopping for would love to unwrap. These 20 gifts for him list (Amazon affiliate specials!) is full of thoughtful ideas to match any budget, takes care of any guy on your shopping list — dad, son, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend, and really any guy.



1. Moon Whiskey Glasses

Screen printed rock glasses featuring a detailed moon? Can't go wrong whiskey lovers, find the Moon Whiskey Glasses Set here!

whiskey glasses moon


2. DJI Mavic Air 2 - The Best Drone

Yes... I claim this is THE BEST drone on the market. For the price you pay, you are getting a top of the line drone. Find the DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone here!

dji mavic drone


 3. First Victory Champion Bomber Jacket

This first victory bomber jacket is perfect for fall AND winter. Need more layers? Keep a hoodie on underneath. Check out the FV Champion Bomber Jacket link here!

victory bomber jacket


 4. Crosley Cruiser Record Player

The classics are coming back and this vintage design record player is pretty sweet. Get your guy into collect records you both love with this Crosley Cruiser Record Player today!


record player


5. Garmin Outdoor Smart Watch

For the every man, the handy man, and the outdoor man... this sleek smart watch is better than you an imagine. Want to see it for yourself? Click here to find the Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch!

garmin watch


6. Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

Yes this mug is worth it... it might seem steep for coffee mugs but here me out this guy even has a connected application for your phone. Don't look past this Ember Temperature-Control Mug right here on Amazon!

temperature-control mug


7. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Speaker meets alarm clock in this new Amazon Echo Speaker. AND this is affordable as ever! Check out the Echo Dot Smart Speaker here to learn what your mans is missing out!

echo dot smart speaker


8. First Victory Beanies

Our beanies our BACK for the winter. We have a variety of First Victory Beanies in multiple colors and designs. Haven't seen them? Check out the First Victory Beanie section here!

first victory beanie


9. Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit

Our outdoor theme continues and you won't want to let him go all winter without one of these! Get the backyard bonfire experience with this portable fire put engineered to burn wood efficiently with less smoke! Find the Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit here!

stove portable fire pit


10. Oculus VR Headset Kit

Oculus VR Headsets are UNREAL. Seriously fun for more than just him... with a ton of games and fun activities for the indoors this winter, you cant go wrong. Check out the Oculus VR Headset Kit NOW.

oculus vr headset


11. Matte Cocktail Shaker Set

This 12 piece all matte black cocktail set is pretty sweet. Looks amazing with the matte black finish, and is affordable and a GREAT skill set for your man to learn. Matte Cocktail Shaker Set is found here on Amazon!

matte cocktail shaker set


12. Morse Code Men's Bracelet

Send a secret message with this morse code bracelet. It's an easy way to tell him how much you care without broadcasting it to the whole world. Check out the Morse Code Men's Bracelet now!

morse code bracelet


13. Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler

He's sure to appreciate the wheels on this best-in-class cooler. Now he can take his favorite drinks with him to tailgates, camping trips, and backyard barbecues. Check out the Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler on Amazon!

yeti cooler


14. Cooling Pint Glasses

He shouldn't have to settle for a beer at room temperature. With this set of freezable beer glasses, he'll be able to sip on a brewski precisely between 43°F and 53°F a.k.a. the perfect temperature. Check out the Cooling Pint Glasses right here!

cooling pint glasses


15. First Victory Camo Joggers

First Victory Camo Joggers are looking hot this winter! Keep it real with these joggers and more designs we have from our Black Camo Series here!

black camo joggers


16. Pour Over Coffee Maker

This durable ceramic cone and funnel for pour over coffee is sleek! BPA free and non toxic material is important for everyone who is obsessed with coffee. Check out this Pour Over Coffee Maker Kit here!

pour over coffee kit


17. Beard Growing Kit

Keep his beard healthy and skin soft without breakouts and problems all winter! This Bear Growing Kit is clean with grooming tools and oils alike!

bear growing kit


18. Stone Drink Dispenser

This stone drink dispenser is made from granite and looks GREAT in all home made bars. Look classy with this handmade rustic style Stone Drink Dispenser now on Amazon!

stone drink dispenser


19. Portable Table Tennis

Ready to take him on at tennis? Yes games are fun...especially as a couple... but fair warning with this Portable Table Tennis Kit because the competition might get REAL! 

portable table tennis


20. The Theragun Muscle Massager

You must try this deep muscle massager.  It’s totally life changing especially for those of us that have pulled muscles, soreness, and overall pain.  This is the one that pro sports players use, but now has been made (and priced) for regular folks like us! Find the Theragun Muscle Massager here!

theragun muscle massager



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